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Who can undergo LASIK
August 23, 2020

Contoura Lasik

The conventional Lasik surgery maps only 200 points on the cornea, the contoura vision surgery maps 22,000 points on the cornea

It is basically a topography-guided Lasik Surgery

It is precise & highly individualized (cuspmised) Lasik treatment. The advanced technology offers surgeons a precise & detailed mapping of the cornea which allows for customized care for each eye of each patient. More than 22000 unique points on cornea are analyzed & sent to a computer which directs the laser beam to correct the miniature variations of curvature at each point

The procedure is simple, pain-free & you do not even feel anything. There are no injections, bandage & can go home in 2 hrs. It is something like flashing lights on your eyes

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