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Retina Surgery

Retina Surgery

We, at AEILC, are equipped with all the diagnostic & surgical equipment for RETINA SURGERY.

  1. KOWA FUNDUS CAMERA- for taking pictures of the retina & fluorescein angiography.
  2. OPTOVUE OCT- for taking CT scan like slices of the retina.
  4. B Scan ULTRASONOGRAPHY- for evaluation of retina & vitreous when media are hazy & visualization of posterior segment is not possible.
  5. GREEN LASER- with slit lamp, indirect &endolaser delivery system.

It is used for retinal laser around retinal holes & breaks & also in diabetic retinopathy treatment.

  1. BIOM- Binocular indirect ophthalmo microscope –for visualization of retina during Retina Surgery without the need for assistance.
  2. GALAXY SERIES RETINAL SURGICAL SYSTEM- for retinal surgeries.
  3. CRYO UNIT –during buckling surgery for retinal detachment.

We are performing all the retinal surgeries for retinal detachment (buckle, vitrectomy with gas /silicone oil), Sutureless vitrectomy for diabetic retinopathy/vitreous haemorrhage, Intravitreal injection for ARMD(age related macular degeneration), Macular hole surgery, complicated retinal detachments.

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